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The Horn of Africa Relief and Development Agency of Australia promotes active involvement by both the African Australian and mainstream communities. HARDA invites you to attend these events and support our aims and objectives - to support the successful settlement of African refugees in Australia and promote active Australian support for relief and development projects in the Horn of Africa countries.

We provide various events throughout the year to benefit the community and encourage you to come along.


Event & Venue
April 7-17 week days

Swim, Survive & Socialise

School holidays swim program

This is a free comprehensive swimming and water safety program for children and youth of school age (6-17). Participants will receive 40 minute lessons each weekday over the period i.e. 9 lessons. They are taught the basics of swimming and water safety plus they have lots of fun and exercise. Enrolement forms must be in by 23 March. For further info & an enrolement form click here. Contact Fiona on 0434 187 753 if you any problems with this.
Every Fri
Homework help and tutoring
Railway Terrace in Guildford (in front of the liabrary)

This is a free programe has hust been started by our Affiliate Southern Hope and is for children in years 3 -12. It aims to provide homework help and tutoring if required to Horn of African students in the area, including Parramatta, Auburn and Fairfield. Other students from disadvantaged backgrounds are also welcome to attend.

Every Mon & Tues   @ 10am during  school term
African Men’s Education Program

15 Henley Rd, Homebush West  

This free program provides men help at all levels with their written and oral English and computer skills. Come join us at HARDA’s premises as a participant or volunteer. More
Date, Event & Venue


Swim, Survive & Socialise

School holidays swim program

24th Sept - 5th Oct 2012,  Jan & April 2013, Jan 2014

This is a free comprehensive swimming and water safety program for children run at least annually by HARDA. The children receive 40 minute lessons over a 9/10 day period over a school holiday where they are taught the basics of swimming and water safety. We have held 4 so far. The kids have lots of fun as well as going home with a new potentially life saving skill. More
McDonald's Bankstown Fundraising Night
August 28,2012

A Family Fun Night was held at McDonalds at the Bankstown. This fundraising initiative, supported by McDonald's which contributed 15% of its sales during a 2 hrs period, raised approx $150 and was a fun night for family and friends. Our thanks to McDonald, Bankstown.

HARDA's Cultural Night

Sat, June 23rd, Granville Town Hall



HARDA'S Annual Cultural Night was held on June 23rd at the Granville Town Hall. The night saw attendence by the members of the Horn of Africa countries as well as member of the wider Australian community. The event celebrated the true sprit of Africa through music, dance and food which promised a lively evening.  

The guests of the evening included Ms. Julie Owens MP(Member for Parramatta, NSW) and Mr. Tony Issa (Member of the Legislative Assembly,Member for Granville) along with other distinguished guests.The evening opened with brief speeches as well as a short presentation and video on the work and achievements by HARDA over the past year. Ms. Julie Owens also shared a few kind words as well a letter from Ms. Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia. Dr. John Cornwall and Ms. Judi Flaherty were acknowledged and presented with tokens of appreciation for their work and dedication to HARDA.

The most awaited part of the evening were the food and entertainment. There was a lavish spread prepared by the Horn of Africa country members representing tehir region which was enjoyed by all. The cultural night also saw colourful performances such as the dancers from Eritria and also soulful music by the singer. The most enjoyable part of the evening was the interactive drumming session by the group Keyim Ba. The audience were also given an opportunity to drum along with the drummers giving everyone an opportunity to try their hands on the drums. The dance floor was open to all with the DJ spinning some music to keep the spirits up for the rest of the evening.

The Cultural Night 2012 would not have been such a grand success without the support of the sponsers Hills Holroyd Parramatta Multicultural Resource Centre, Auburn RSL and STARRTS. Also, we would like to thank everyone for coming together in preparing the food and the entertainment which made the evening a memorable one. 


The Cooking Pot Project

May8th- June 18th 2012


The Cooking Pot Project was an unique initiated by HARDA to help the African Australian women interact and share their experiences with the wider Australian community.The sessions were conducted at the Auburn Community Center every Monday which saw enthusiatic participation by women. The sessions were supervsied by Chef Luigi De Luca who shared and guided the women during the process.

During the period of 6 weeks the women cooked not only traditional African recipies but also learnt to cook Japanese, Mexican, Italian and Egypitian cusines. The women also visited the home of one of the participant were they learnt to cook some Egypitian and Italian food.

The Cooking Pot Project conculded with a lavish spread of food which included traditional African appetizers, maincourse and sweets aliong with other cuisines which was enjoyed by all at the Edmund Rice Center.

The project was a successful one with the women having an opportunity to learn something new and make new friends outside their own groups. The Cooking Pot Project was sponsered by Shell Clyde Refinery who supported the initiative.

For Past Events from 2011 & 2012 click here





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