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Executive Committee


Dr John Cornwall, B.VSc.


Executive Director

Dr Cornwall was in private veterinary practice in Mt Gambier and Adelaide until 1975 when  he was elected to the South Australian Parliament. He was the South Australian Minister of Health from 1982 to 1988, CEO of the Australian Veterinary Association 1989-1992, Director of the Australian Youth Foundation 1992-1995 and Managing Consultant of Delta Society Australia from 1996. He retired in 2007 and joined HARDA as a volunteer. He is currently HARDA's Executive Officer (pro bono) and heads the secretariat. John also spent a number of years as President of HARDA.


Dr Degeufe Hailu, B.Dent.


After completion of his secondary schooling, Dr Hailu was awarded a scholarship by the  Greek Government and graduated in dentistry from the University of Salonika. He practised as a dentist for a short time in Greece then, unable to return safely to war torn Ethiopia, he migrated to Australia where he was a founding member of the Ethiopian Community Association in New South Wales. Unable to fund the very expensive re-training required to qualify for dental registration in Australia, he now works as a multi-lingual interpreter.

Emmanuel Kondok

Vice - President

Emmanuel was born in Twic County in South Sudan. He had to flee his home when he was 12 due to the civil war & spent 3 months walking to safety to Ethiopia. In 1992 he had to then flee Ethiopia when there was a change of power and Sudanese refugees were forced out of the country. He ended up in Kenya in the Kakuma refugee camp where he remained until 2005 when he, his wife and 3 children were granted permanent visas in Australia.

In Australia Emmanuel worked hard to complete his education & received an Advanced Diploma of Human Resources and Management from Granville Tafe in 2011. He is currently studying for a Bachelor of Applied Business Management with the University of Ballarat. Emmanuel is also President of the Southern Hope Community Organisation Inc. NSW.


Michael Muhlbauer


Michael is a Franco Australian who has worked for many years for large organisations in both the commercial and Government sectors. Prior to retirement he acted as a Project Leader for a number of large financial and risk management projects.

Paul Bisson, FCA

Paul brings 30 years experience as a chartered accountant to his role as HARDA’s Treasurer. He worked as Finance Director and Chief Financial Officer for Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd for many years, having started his career in Price Waterhouse & Co. in the UK and then in Malawi.

Mohammed Omar

Mohammed Omar, B.A, M.Ed

Executive Member

Mohammed came to Australia from Somalia as an eight year old child. Now at the age of twenty five he has a BA and a Master’s Degree in Education and is a high school teacher with the NSW Department of Education. He was the Cultural & Anti-Racism Officer with the University of Western Sydney Students’ Association (2005-2006).

Mohammed started HARDA's youth arm, Horn of Africa Youth Agency of Australia and was its inaurgural  Chairman. Mohammed was aslo president of HARDA in 2012.


Faduma Geddi

Executive Member

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Fiona Carr BCom, SF Fin

Executive Member

Fiona has spent over 25 years working in the finance industry in money management, marketing, research and relationship management, with 14 of those years in AMP Capital. She also ran a wage audit business for a number of years, having started her career in PWC.

Fiona joined the HARDA secretariat as Manager, Policy and Projects in early 2008 working as a volunteer alongside her 4 day a week employment in the corporate world.  


Achom Dimo

Executive Member

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