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Current Projects


Australian Projects

HARDA has a number of projects that are either in progress or recently completed.
A selection of these are:

Swim, Survive and Socialise Program

The Swim, survive and socialise project is a comprehensive swimming and water safety program for children between the ages 7 and 11 from CALD refugee or migrant backgrounds.

The lack of awareness among children from these backgrounds prompted HARDA to conduct swimming programs to better equip refugee children with swimming skills.

We have run four programs of Swim, Survive and Socialise during the school holidays, Sept 2012, Jan & April 2013 and Jan 2014. They were all held at the Seven Hills at the Aquatic Safety Training Academy. The program consist of 10 x 45 minutes classes, where children with various levels of swimming abilities were taught the basics of swimming. More

Classes held: Aquatic Safety Training Academy, 78 Best St, Seven Hills

NOTE: We hope to run this program next in Jan 2015 during the  school holidays, with details to be confirmed. Please drop us an email if you have children you would like to participate in this.

Cooking Pot

United by food - a free cooking program for Horn of African refugee and Australian women to learn new dishes and get to know each other. see SMH article

Photo from SMH

Somali Youth Outreach Project

The HARDA- Sydney Stars Somali Football Club Youth Outreach Program 2012 2013  was funded by the Attorney-General’s Building Community Resilience Program. It provided an intensive mentoring program and sporting and community/entertainment activities for young Somalis and CALD youth. More

More on some of our past projects  


Overseas Projects

HARDA works with on the ground partners in the HoA countries and is actively involved in overseas aid with ongoing projects, like Famine Relief and an annual Kenyan Eye and Cataract Project.  Other model projects completed with HARDAs support include Fast 2 Feed and a Somali Water Harvesting Project.

Kenyan Cataract Project 2012

A "state of the art" microscope was donated by the Clark Family Foundation through HARDA, for use in this year's WARDA Kenyan Cataract Project. This wonderful donation helped restore the sight of many. More

Famine Relief

HARDA's successful fund raising helped to feed those staving in the recent famine in Somalia & parts of Kenya. The lack of adequate rain means that there is a renewed likelihood famine in these regions and so continued action is needed. More

Fast To Feed 2011

 HARDA joined Muslim Aid Australia during the Ramadan month of August/September to facilitate the distribution of food aid to 475 families including orphans, elderly men and women and disabled people in the war ravaged villages of Darfur and the drought affected communities of nomadic pastoralists in Northern Kenya. More

Somali Water Project

Dr Mahmoud Sheikh, HARDA’s Director of Overseas Aid,  negotiated an agreement between HARDA and the Oorqaani communities in Southern Somalia for a water harvesting project. The project, generously funded by Muslim Aid Australia, was completed in Feb 2011. More

Kenyan Catract Project 2011

Using portable surgical     microscopes and working for upto thirteen hours over a period of two days, Doctors of Hope restored the sight of 200 men and women who were blind for many years. More




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